The property is situated in a little village called Myhinpää in the municipality of Rautalampi. From Jyväskylä you drive 65 kilometers along road 9 to Kuopio and then 8 kilometers of sand road. Other distances: to Kuopio 90 km, to Pieksämäki 39 km, to Suonenjoki 39 km, to Hankasalmi 33 km and to Rautalampi 23 km (schools and other services).

The history of the property goes all the way to the middle of the 17th century when the area's first farmer moved to the site and the village got its name Ihalaiskylä. When you look at the sceneries you don't wonder why they choose to live here.

Nowadays the size of the property is 6,4 hectares. One hectare is rented as a field and one hectare is forest. The rest of the area consists of yard, beach areas and arboretum.

The site has shoreline 250 meters of the lake Myhinjärvi. The lake is deep and the water is clear. The lake is connected to Konnevesi. However it is not possible to go there by boat.

There are many buildings on the property:

Main building about 200 m2

The house was originally built in 1950. The cellar and some of the inner frame are left from the original building otherwise the house has been enlarged and completely renovated between 2007 and 2012.
The materials that have been used on the entire property are very high quality: the floors in downstairs are sertificated acacia hardwood, the porch and the bathroom have a tile floor with underfloor heating and in the upstairs you have wooden floors. On the walls there is wallpaper and on two of the rooms and bathroom wall there is a coating made of natural materials by Decos (consisting of clay, sand, straw, stone). The coating makes the indoor air really clean and safe.
The heating works with electricity and there are also two big heat storing fireplaces. In the bathroom you find a steam shower cabin with different lighting options, radio and three different kind of sprays. The kitchen is modern and it has baking oven.
In the upstairs there is a big balcony with glass walls and a heater. From the balcony you have amazing views over the lake. Blueprint is coming.

Old barn - covered space 150 - 200 m2

In the upstairs there is a big open space that has been used for example for celebrations and storage for home supplies. Downstairs you have storage space for example for garden tools, clothes and there you'll find also a work / hobby space. In the wing building of the barn there is a woodshed and storage for lawn mower. There is also a shelter for composter next to the barn.

Outdoor Sauna about 45 m2

In the timber framed building there is a sauna, dressing room and living/bed room with fireplace and a double bed. The sauna was renovated in 2011 when old logs were revealed, the floor was renewed and underfloor heating was added. There are also original timber walls in the living room space. The sauna has electricity heating.
Next to the dressing room there is a porch where one can cool off, storage for firewood and also a composting toilet.

Waterside Sauna loft about 35 m2 and a big porch

The building was built between 2004 and 2008. It hasn't been used a lot. The building consists of: sauna (water is pumped inside, underfloor heating), big and high living room with a small kitchen (small induction stove, cooker hood and a fridge) and a small bedroom. The building's height is over four meters and the porch is as wide as the building. The shore has a good outdoor lighting.
There is also a composting toilet, storage space, a charming old barn right next to the water, a place for barbecue and two beaches with natural sand bottoms. The beach has hard bottom throughout.

Other buildings:

  • So called "singing stage" - A sitting place with a great view in the yard close to the old barn.
  • Greenhouse and plant boxes. The greenhouse is quite big and it was built on the spot. It has a heating and automatic opening system for the sunroofs.
  • "Hose booth" - Next to the greenhouse there is a booth where you have a cart with a long hose. The water comes from the lake and you can water with it the whole garden.
  • Summerhouse/outdoor grill (closed space) with dishes
  • Storage for sports Equipment and a shelter for bicycles (an old grain shed)
  • An old smithy next to the road (it is used as a storage for the trees' protection nets)

The yard areas are well managed. There are lots of flower plantings that have been carefully chosen and made. Covers and borders have been used to ease the management. There are many areas for sitting and relaxing, a pond and a stream and good lighting. There is also a big green field for sports.

There are lots of berry plantations (four long rows of black currants, green and red currants, gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries, "saskatoneja") and fruit trees (apple trees, few cherry trees and a plum tree). No chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used.

The specialty of the property is a very own arboretum with almost one hundred different tree and shrub species. There is a beautiful path with benches running through the park.

Waste treatment: organic waste composted, mixed waste goes to garbage shed (Jätekukko empties it as agreed). Sewage waste goes to precipitation well and from there to an infiltration (meets the requirements of the law).

Borehole and a normal well with excellent water
There is a recordable video Surveillance
Wired internet and Wi-Fi
Access to public transport 8 km from the property
No garage

Activities: for example Häkärinteet (downhill skiing) 24 km, Rautalampi horse stables 23 km, Revontuli Golf 26 km, versatile fishing opportunities, very good berry and mushroom lands, annual culture events, courses and events organized by the municipality and surrounding communes.

Municipality of Rautalampi - www.rautalampi.fi
Rautalammin horse stables- www.rautalamminratsastuskeskus.fi
Revontuli Golf - www.revontuli.fi/golf/
Häkärinteet - www.hakarinteet.fi


Inspections requested by the buyer will be done when concluding the purchase. Expertise of a lawyer/broker will also be used.

The property suites well not only for private use but also for different kinds of business uses.
Since the rooms have been decorated the exact space in mind it is possible to buy the property partly furnished.

There is no narrowness, stress, noise or lack of things to do on the property.